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Our company commenced its activities in 1870 in Smyrni in Minor Asia. It was established by the Siderides family producing excellent quality linen fabrics.

The historical developments of Greece brought us to Athens where the third generation of the family upholds our tradition with creativeness and affection.

In our factory, equipped with the latest technological means, advanced automations, continuous research and excellent raw materials, we manufacture products of high quality standards at competitive prices for Greece and abroad where a large part of our production is exported  through exclusive representatives.

With respect to our tradition, inspired by old Byzantine books and relics, we develop and enrich our collection found in our central showroom at the very heart of Athens next to the Athens Cathedral.

In our showroom, you can find clerical vestments of unique aesthetic quality, a great selection of textiles and trimmings (galloons, fringes, tassels, buttons, crosses, epigonations).

Since 1870, with a 142 year history in producing ecclesiastical fabrics, we are well established in our field and we carry on our activities with the same unparalleled high credibility.